Camp Nano – Redefine Your Goals

Here we are, at the start of Camp NaNoWriMo’s Week 4! Where did the time go? In some ways, it feels like it’s been April forever…and then I look at my draft and realize that I’ve been working on this for more like six weeks (yes, I’m a rebel who started early!!) and I can’t believe how fast it’s gone!

Week 4 finds different writers at different points. Some have surpassed their goals and are coasting toward the finish line. Some are trucking along right on schedule, due to meet their deadline right on time. Others are struggling a bit more to hit that coveted number of words, hours, pages, etc. that they’ve set for themselves.

This is where I love Camp NaNo: it’s never too late to adjust your goal.

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Camp Nano – Steady Over Swift

The beginning of Week 3 is upon us! Week 2 has been conquered and Camp Nano is half over. Whether “conquered” looks to you like a triumphant king-of-the-hill moment, or more like crawling that last ragged inch, gasping for air…it’s okay. New day, new way. For many campers, the beginning of Week 3 symbolizes a glorious, almost magical time when the weight of Week 2 Blues is lifted, and suddenly the future looks inspiring again.

It can be hard not to manically pursue that fresh burst of inspiration, especially if Week 2 dragged your story down an alley, brutally mugged it, and left it for dead. But is it really wise to throw yourself with abandon into a nonstop stream of Week 3 writing to catch up that word count? Or is there a better way?

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Camp NaNo Kickoff!

NaNoWriMo season has begun! In November 2009, I remember hitting a serious low point in my writing. I had no inspiration, no direction, and little hope for the future of my craft. Thank God for a friend who introduced me to National Novel Writing Month. I hadn’t enjoyed writing so much in years!

But as much as I love NaNo November, there’s something special about Camp. Maybe’s it’s the “wilderness retreat” feeling. Maybe it’s the camaraderie among cabinmates. Or maybe, like the first blooms of spring, it’s what makes the year’s possibilities for writing seem most abundant, most electrifying, most attainable.

As much fun as NaNo can be, it’s not without its daunting aspects! Whether you’re a 50k purist or a rebel, Camp NaNo presents challenging goals to fulfill. So, for the month of April, I’ll be dedicating each Sunday’s blog to NaNo encouragement and helpful resources. Check out some last-minute pre-camp work resources below!

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