Take the Time to Take Your Time

Burnout. It happens to all of us. From the successful multi-series published author to the first-time writer just starting out, burnout is like a cruel writer’s hazing we all have to endure. For some, it comes once in a project. For others, it’s many times. Some writers experience it on the first draft. Some on the second, third, fourth.

Sometimes, burnout just looks a lot like despair, like life taking over and knocking your WIP down the ladder of importance until it’s barely clinging to the bottom rung.

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4 Things To Do (And 1 Thing NOT To) When Rejection Comes

I heard it once said that you’re not a real writer until you receive your first rejection letter. This of course isn’t true – you’re a writer the moment you start writing – but it’s true that rejection is a milestone, especially the first time it happens. It’s the mark that someone out there in the agent/publisher world has looked at your story. And, yes, it means they’ve decided your story isn’t a good fit for them.

Like the heroes of our stories, this can be a Dark Night of the Soul moment for us. It can be the turning point where we learn how we’ll handle rejection of our work and whether we give up, pursue a different route like self-publishing, or stop writing altogether. I didn’t have any idea what this moment would be like until it happened to me.

tl;dr, I received my first rejection letter from an agent this week.

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On the Importance of Fictional Mothers

Happy Mother’s Day!

Today’s post will be short due to shopping and celebrations, but thanks to the wonderful Instagram IGWRITERSMAY campaign, fictional moms are on my mind today. Sadly, especially in the YA genre where I do a good deal of my reading/writing, there seems to be a dearth of good moms. Frequently, they’re either wicked or dead (to be fair, the same goes for the dads. But that’s for next month’s post!).

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5 Fun Things to Do When You Finish Your Draft

Finishing a draft – there’s no feeling quite like it! Whether it’s the first, second, third, fifteenth, or last editorial round, the sense of satisfaction that comes with reaching “The End” is second to none.

I for one am all about making the most of that victory – celebrating your heart out! And seeing as I just finished the first draft of Starchaser’s Book 5 this morning – which means the end of the core series – I’ve got victory dances on the brain! Check out these five ideas for celebratory actions at draft’s end!

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