Your Draft’s Not As Bad As You Think

Before y’all blow up my comments with “BUT YOU DON’T KNOW MY DRAFT,” hear me out.

I’ve been very nervously creeping toward editing My Nemesis, the hardest story I ever wrote, appropriately titled The Beast in the Cage. It. Kicked. My. BUTT when I was drafting it. It was the first time I’d ever written a multibook series all in rapid succession, it was the holidays, it was Book 4 – I was burned out, tired, DONE. I wanted to write something else. I tried everything to cure this resentment, from taking some days off, to rearranging/replotting, to skipping around writing the more exciting parts. Nothing made me enjoy this. Every. Single. Day was torture at the keyboard. I considered giving up so many times it’s almost a joke.

Finally, I did give up – on hoping to enjoy it, that is. I just got it on paper, slammed and locked the door, and walked away. I’ve been scared to look at the dang thing ever since, so I’ve avoided it for almost two years.

If this process sounds familiar to you, you’re the person this blog post is for.

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PROMO WEEK: GoScribbler!

Switching things up a bit as I prepare to head out of town for a weekend with family and friends: for this blog, I want to talk to you guys about something that’s been a godsend and a gamechanger for me as a writer.

I think because writing is often such an internalized and solitary pursuit, we tend to think we need to get through it by sheer perseverance and willpower. But the truth is, sometimes we need a boost, something to look forward to that makes our craft FUN again! I was at definitely in a need-for-a-boost phase earlier this year while I was laboring through one of the toughest drafts of my life, just trying to put one word after the other.

That was when I found GoScribbler.

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Write the Character You Dislike

It’s a common struggle among most writers I’ve talked to that we all feel like we start to repeat our characters across projects. Not a blatant ripoff of one’s past cast, per se, but little consistencies that can lead a writer to feel they’re not diversifying their character bank enough.

There are lots of ways to minimize this repetition – one of my favorites is to read, read, read, so that I get a broader scope of the human condition from which to pull inspiration. But today I want to encourage something that I myself am gearing up for in my next WIP – and it scares me!

I’m encouraging you to write the character you dislike.

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