NaNoWriMo Week 1 ROUNDUP

I decided to do something a little different for the blog this month: I’ll be posting on Thursdays instead of Sundays and including weekly roundups of how NaNoWriMo is progressing! You’re all welcome to join in and post a comment letting everyone know how it’s going or whether you need encouragement, etc!

So let’s dive in!


  • Switched projects on Day 2 (you’d be surprised how often this happens to me :P)
  • Went full NaNo Rebel with editing instead of drafting.
  • Editing my 2012 novel and my absolute baby: Dream Reaper


  • Words Edited: 8580/120,161
  • Goal Wordcount: <115k
  • Scenes added: 2
  • Scenes deleted: 1


  • Finally figuring out my MC’s motivation – in six years, he’s never really had a personal goal!
  • Removing redundant, overclarifying speech from the mystery arc – trusting the readers to extrapolate certain things from the evidence provided
  • Tightening up the romance
  • Rewriting the conclusion
  • Creating a better segueway into Book 2


  • Acute bronchitis set me back several days on my goals, so I am trying hard to get well so I can continue NaNo!

Week 2 Goals:

  • Get the wordcount down to 119k or thereabouts
  • Make it past the Hero’s Choice moment where the plot truly takes off.

What are your goals for Week 2, everyone? Leave a comment so we can cheer you on!!

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