About Me

The Short Version:

Renee Dugan grew up reading fantasy books, chasing stray cats, and writing stories full of dashing heroes and evil masterminds. A Midwest native living with her husband, dog, and three not-so-stray cats, she continues to create new conflicts for her characters to navigate and grow through.

The Long Version:

It’s funny how much my vision for writing has changed, even since I first began this blog in late 2017. Back then, I had starry-eyed dreams of agents and publishers, the Big 5, NYT Bestseller Lists, my name forever immortalized in the halls of Barnes & Nobles and Books-A-Million…basically, it was all about me.

The truth is, I’m just an extroverted Christian girl from the Midwest, and I’ve been writing ever since my mom needed a little peace and quiet to shower one day when I was 5. Two decades later, the love I’ve had for storytelling hasn’t faded. It’s grown from writing heroic stories about my stuffed dogs to writing heroic stories about the complex, emotionally-scarred casts in my head. The better I get at telling the stories I want to tell, the less pressure I feel to perform. As my stories grew and changed, so did my dreams.

I want to make my readers feel better and brighter when they reach “The End”. I want to instill hope and whimsy and joy no matter what trials I put my characters through along the way. I want people to walk away from my stories feeling like there’s something out there to believe in.

I basically want to write the kinds of stories Samwise Gamgee talked about when all hope was lost. The stories where folks kept going because there was good in this world, and it was worth fighting for.

To that end, I’ve tucked away my dream of traditional publishing and am now pursuing my bright and beautiful future as an indie author. My debut novel, The Chaos Circus, debuted March 12th, 2019, followed by DARKWIND, the first book in THE STARCHASER SAGA, December 3rd 2019. You can read about these (and other upcoming projects!) under the ‘My Books’ tab.

I also run a blog which provides material for writers and readers, from technical and wellness advice to book reviews, author interviews, and more. My greatest purpose in everything is to help people. That’s what my life, my ministry, and my writing is all about. So come say hi on the contact page, follow me on social media, and let’s be buddies!