How to Help Market A Book You Love

I still remember the day I finished Stephanie Garber’s Legendary, the sequel to Caraval. I DEVOURED Caraval on a trip to Colorado in 2017 and just about withered up waiting for the sequel. Once Legendary hit shelves, I gobbled it up like the absolute delectable treat it was, and yet that didn’t feel like enough. I wanted to do more to express my love for this book, dang it! I wanted EVERYONE to read it!!

And this was when I became very aware of the crucial role audiences play in helping market and promote the books they love.

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GIVEAWAY TIME STARTS NOW!!! Ahhh you guys! Finally time for The CHAOS CIRCUS giveaways! I I am super excited for these giveaways – there will be four of them, each one a week long, for all of February! I’ve been curating content for months and I’m so excited to finally share! Each prize package contains: 1 masque, 2 Chaos Circus bookmarks, an exclusive piece of Chaos Circus art (made by the insanely talented @sunset_opal), a balloon necklace just like Tessa’s, and a bonus $10 Starbucks gift card to meet your coffee and tea needs! How to enter: 📖 Preorder The … Continue reading GIVEAWAY MONTH STARTS NOW!

I’ve Joined Authortube!

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