PROMO WEEK: GoScribbler!

Switching things up a bit as I prepare to head out of town for a weekend with family and friends: for this blog, I want to talk to you guys about something that’s been a godsend and a gamechanger for me as a writer.

I think because writing is often such an internalized and solitary pursuit, we tend to think we need to get through it by sheer perseverance and willpower. But the truth is, sometimes we need a boost, something to look forward to that makes our craft FUN again! I was at definitely in a need-for-a-boost phase earlier this year while I was laboring through one of the toughest drafts of my life, just trying to put one word after the other.

That was when I found GoScribbler.

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Beta Readers vs Critique Partners – And Why You Need BOTH!

For the longest time, I had no idea there was a difference between a critique partner (CP) and beta reader (BR) in the writing field. I figured it was all the same: someone who reads your story and gives feedback. But it turns out these two groups have a different way of approaching the story and giving feedback – and both are critical to the process of polishing your manuscript.

This week I want to look at those differences and why both kinds of readers are important.

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5 Romantic Tropes to Avoid

I’ve been doing a lot more delving into romantic subplots in writing lately. It used to terrify me because I was afraid of “getting it wrong” or leaving readers with a bad impression of the couple. While I’ve found myself settling into my stride when it comes to these subplots, my research into writing better romance has also led me to discover a few tropes that are considered tired or problematic across all genres.

Click through to read about five of the romantic tropes that often turn readers away:

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6 Tips to Help You Survive the Querying Process

With my first foray into the querying process starting back in April of this year, I tried to go in with an open mind – whatever happened, I was determined to learn a lot! Querying is a stressful time that comes with its share of highs and lows, and always with nail-biting uncertainty. It also doesn’t necessarily begin when you start querying. It can begin a lot sooner, if you’re willing to come to the starting line prepared.

Here are five tips I’ve gathered in the few short months I’ve been querying. I hope they’ll help some of you who are getting ready to take the plunge!

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Take the Time to Take Your Time

Burnout. It happens to all of us. From the successful multi-series published author to the first-time writer just starting out, burnout is like a cruel writer’s hazing we all have to endure. For some, it comes once in a project. For others, it’s many times. Some writers experience it on the first draft. Some on the second, third, fourth.

Sometimes, burnout just looks a lot like despair, like life taking over and knocking your WIP down the ladder of importance until it’s barely clinging to the bottom rung.

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5 Fun Things to Do When You Finish Your Draft

Finishing a draft – there’s no feeling quite like it! Whether it’s the first, second, third, fifteenth, or last editorial round, the sense of satisfaction that comes with reaching “The End” is second to none.

I for one am all about making the most of that victory – celebrating your heart out! And seeing as I just finished the first draft of Starchaser’s Book 5 this morning – which means the end of the core series – I’ve got victory dances on the brain! Check out these five ideas for celebratory actions at draft’s end!

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Camp Nano – Redefine Your Goals

Here we are, at the start of Camp NaNoWriMo’s Week 4! Where did the time go? In some ways, it feels like it’s been April forever…and then I look at my draft and realize that I’ve been working on this for more like six weeks (yes, I’m a rebel who started early!!) and I can’t believe how fast it’s gone!

Week 4 finds different writers at different points. Some have surpassed their goals and are coasting toward the finish line. Some are trucking along right on schedule, due to meet their deadline right on time. Others are struggling a bit more to hit that coveted number of words, hours, pages, etc. that they’ve set for themselves.

This is where I love Camp NaNo: it’s never too late to adjust your goal.

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Camp Nano – Steady Over Swift

The beginning of Week 3 is upon us! Week 2 has been conquered and Camp Nano is half over. Whether “conquered” looks to you like a triumphant king-of-the-hill moment, or more like crawling that last ragged inch, gasping for air…it’s okay. New day, new way. For many campers, the beginning of Week 3 symbolizes a glorious, almost magical time when the weight of Week 2 Blues is lifted, and suddenly the future looks inspiring again.

It can be hard not to manically pursue that fresh burst of inspiration, especially if Week 2 dragged your story down an alley, brutally mugged it, and left it for dead. But is it really wise to throw yourself with abandon into a nonstop stream of Week 3 writing to catch up that word count? Or is there a better way?

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